Casie Hall

Casie is the founder of and lead teacher at Nectar Flow Yoga. For nearly half of her life, Casie has been practicing yoga and educating in some capacity. She began teaching school and coaching track right out of college. At the same time she also found yoga in her search for a healthy, sustainable and non-competitive form of exercise after her years as a college athlete. Of her practice, Casie says “I love yoga because it is a never-ending source of challenge and growth: mentally, physically, and spiritually. It truly becomes what I need it to be in that moment.”

When she decided to leave traditional classroom teaching to help her husband open restaurants Apis and Pizzeria Sorellina, Casie discovered she also enjoyed being a businesswoman (but NOT the restaurant life!). Enter Nectar Flow Yoga.

Casie started Nectar Flow Yoga in 2016 to serve the small community of Spicewood with an approachable and friendly space to practice mindfulness and healthy movement. Since that time, Nectar Flow has grown to a full-scale studio with a team of dynamic and experienced teachers offering a variety of approachable classes. For Casie, this is truly a "dream job" combining her passion for teaching, love of yoga, zest for running a business, and desire to connect with her community. 

Read more about Casie’s ongoing yoga education and credentials HERE


Kathy McKinney

Kathy’s yoga journey began in 2013 after her third child was born. Yoga helped Kathy find physical, spiritual, and emotional balance and continues to do so to this day.  Kathy is a licensed Physical Therapist and has been practicing for the last the ten years.  For the last four years, she has worked exclusively with the Geriatric population. She believes yoga is medicine and has a place in the healthcare of our future. She received her 200 hour Power Yoga Training through Corepower in the fall of 2014.   She is currently pursuing a post graduation certification to become a Professional Yoga Therapist. When teaching, Kathy encourages proper biomechanics and uses her Physical Therapy knowledge to modify poses so they are accessible to all students.  Kathy enjoys spending time with her husband and three children, hiking, and boating.

Kathy McKinney, PT, DPT, PYT-C


Anne Harrington

Anne came to yoga twenty years ago by way of avoiding a step aerobic class at the gym and stepping into the yoga studio instead. It was love at first savasana and she quickly became a devoted practitioner. The physical practice of yoga served Anne as an excellent form of exercise and stress relief for many years but it was becoming pregnant with her first child that really opened her eyes to many aspects of yoga that exist beyond the physical postures. Yoga is the anchor that steadied Anne through the transitions of living in four countries (and three babies!) in 13 years. Through her practice Anne finds peace and energy.

In 2011, Anne found herself looking to deepen her yoga practice and wanting to teach. She came across a beautiful place called the Radiant Hand in London where she completed their foundation course for yoga under the soulful teaching of K. Stephan Coberg. Soon thereafter, Anne’s family moved to Costa Rica where she pursued her certification as a holistic health coach, furthering her understanding and appreciation of the mind-body connection. Most recently her path led her to the doors of Yoga Mandir and Anne had the privilege to study with Edgar Ortiz and graduate with a 300 hour teacher training. She feels immense gratitude for the many great teachers and perspectives which have lit her path.

With Costa Rica in her heart, Anne and her family relocated to Austin, Texas in July 2015. Anne continues to be taught everyday by her three spirited children and loving husband who constantly show her that life is to be lived and loved in the present and that laughter is truly the best medicine. 

Sara-Mai Conway

Sara-Mai Conway has been coaching athletes of all ages and abilities for 20 years now; from rowing, to cycling, to group-fitness and of course, yoga. After a successful career coaching NCAA Division I rowing, Sara-Mai found yoga in 2006 when looking for a new way to cross train for her own competitive rowing career. She was immediately impressed by the athleticism and physical challenge of the practice. Years later, it is the spiritual side of the practice that keeps yoga part of her daily regimen. Sara-Mai's classes are informed by her athleticism and her interest in Buddhist breathing practices and studies. She believes yoga is the key to finding both your inner athlete, and your inner guru. It is through movement that we learn how to be still, and it's through stillness that we experience the true nature of our being. 

Sara-Mai completed a Masters Degree in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco in 2004 and is a 1999 graduate of Tufts University. She is 200-hour yoga certified via Core Power Yoga and has completed several hours of continuing education in meditation, Tibetan Buddhist yoga, and breath work. Off the mat, she can be found adventuring through the Texas Hill Country and beyond, with her husband and two dogs. 



Lisa Love

Lisa sought out the practice of yoga to help with her severe scoliosis. After having major corrective surgery, yoga became a huge part of her physical therapy and helped tremendously with not only her physical healing but mental and emotional healing as well. After experiencing the incredible healing benefits of yoga she decided to become a teacher. Having had her own physical challenges while practicing yoga, she maintains a class where everyone can participate regardless of physical limitations. Lisa has been practicing yoga for over ten years and teaching for seven. She always sees herself as a consummate student, eager to learn and grow along her yogic journey. When not teaching yoga, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband and son as well as her four dogs. Lisa completed her 500 hour yoga  training under the guidance of master yoga therapist Ranjitha Sandeep of Yoga Sutra for Life. She also holds a 100 hour certification in yoga therapy and alignment through Yoga Dharma by Amy Cronise-Mead. A 200 hour certification through Yoga Sutra For Life, as well as an additional 200 hour yoga training under Carly Porrello-Hamlett of Regeneration Institute. 

Ashleigh Montalvo


Ashleigh Jones is a busy mother of two, who enjoys spending time with her family and encouraging others to live healthy, well-balanced lifestyles engrained with love for the body and spirituality. She was initially introduced to yoga in the 6th grade by her school gym teacher, though she had no idea at the time how much it would later influence her every day life. While she did not yet fully grasp the disciplines and practice, she began gathering advice and tools to aid her in general fitness. Ashleigh was later diagnosed with scoliosis as a young adult, and immediately witnessed first-hand the benefits of yoga in strengthening and stretching the entirety of her back.

At age 23, she began to pursue an extensive study of yoga and incorporated it into her daily practice. After years of honing her skills and techniques, she received her teaching certification in 2014, eager to share her gifts and knowledge with others seeking physical and meditative guidance. Ashleigh's practice focuses on the two extremes of yoga, power and yin, as they aid one another in fulfillment of full body and mind. As she continues to expand her knowledge of the human body and how it functions, she creates classes with techniques geared toward full body strength, flexibility and mobility, as well as an occasional sprinkling of goddess dust for additional spiritual growth, empowering practitioners in every class. With continued education and experience, she plans to keep teaching and helping others with mentorship and practice in and out of the studio for years to come.


Sylvia Noha

“I absolutely love that yoga meets you where you are in life at that very moment. What I have learned in my practice is: Yoga always works. I learned to hold space for myself, to listen to my body and its needs and to stay present in midst of it all. Yoga brings balance to body and mind. This is what I love to pass on to my students.” Sylvia completed a Teacher Training in the fall of 2014 and kept moving forward enrolling in a Yoga Therapy Training program here in Austin. She currently holds a 500hr RYT certification through Yoga Alliance with additional trainings in Ayurveda, Yin yoga and the Chakra system, and will complete her training as a yoga therapist in the spring of 2019. Sylvia's classes are lighthearted and encouraging, while focusing on healthy alignment, building strength and creating self-awareness.


Shawnda White

It wasn’t love at first sight. I remember thinking, “what an odd way to exercise.” It was a love I had to experience internally, which wouldn’t happen until several years after my first yoga experience. Yoga found me during a dark period in my life, one I am now eternally grateful for. I realized yoga was more expansive than I ever assumed to give it credit. The ultimate healer in a world full of chaos. As a dreamer, I developed a talent for creating my own turmoil. I’ve suffered from anxiety and self hate, being a victim and developed an eating disorder. These are all things I still currently struggle with but have since gained techniques through my practice in dealing with them in a healthy non-judgmental way. This journey has truly awakened me into a life of love, grace, and freedom. They were things I felt I extended to others with ease but never to myself. It’s through my yoga practice that I truly learned self-love. I now understand more than ever, I am not alone in my suffering, and that is why 6 months into my journey I decided to become a yoga teacher. I want to share these healing techniques with as many humans as possible. Because that is what we all are, humans, and I believe it is time we treated ourselves as such. We all deserve love, grace, happiness, and freedom. We just have to understand everything we need is already within us. I know I will never stop learning and growing in this journey and now as a teacher, my devotion is to never stop sharing it.