Photo by Kip Sikora

Photo by Kip Sikora


Yoga is a mental, physical, and spiritual practice linking conscious breath with poses that stretch and strengthen your body while challenging you to be mentally present. 

Yoga can be exactly what you need it to be in that moment: a physical workout, a mental release, a spiritual cleansing, a discovery of self, or just a break from your daily life. Yoga can offer a new way of looking at things, to let go of what doesn't serve you and open up to growth. 

Yoga can be both physically and mentally challenging, so expect to sweat and work hard, but know that class can and should be taken at your own pace. If you are new to yoga, give yourself GRACE and have patience! You will begin to experience positive results and real improvement after just a couple of classes.


Nectar Flow Yoga is an independent yoga studio located on Bee Creek Rd off of Hwy 71 in the same space as Spicewood Karate and Stranahan Chiropractic just west of Austin in Spicewood, Texas. 

We offer a variety of classes including Empowered Flow, Mindful Flow, and Gentle Flow, with modifications for all levels, from beginning to advanced. Classes are fun and can be vigorous but also incorporate meditation and quiet reflection. Come in with a smile on your face ready to try something new and step out of your comfort zone!



Empowered Flow Yoga is active and aerobic, offering strengthening of body and relaxation of mind.  While this is a strong practice, class is very accommodating for beginners, while opening up possibilities to discover your strength in new ways. Room is warmed (around 82 degrees), but not hot , as a way to increase blood flow, encourage purification through sweat, and warm the muscles for deeper stretching. Please bring a mat and water bottle.

Mindful Flow is an adaptable vinyasa flow that is perfect for beginners or the more experienced yogi.  Poses are taught in layers, with a heavy focus on form, and yogis can deepen the poses to their preference. The first 50 minutes of class consist of an active flow, with the last 10 minutes moving to a restorative practice. Mindful flow offers some of the physicality of Empowered Flow without the warmth, and is a perfect balance to between Gentle and Empowered Flow Classes.  

Gentle Flow is a nurturing class, ideal for for students experiencing yoga for the first time or seasoned yogis wanting to strengthen their foundations, as well as those dealing with injuries or arthritis. This class will gently build muscular strength, increase flexibility and promote deep relaxation while bringing greater awareness to the mind body connection.  All fitness levels welcome!

Read more about our teachers HERE.

Studio Etiquette

Nectar Flow is a community-minded studio in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We welcome all levels and encourage students to listen to their bodies, seeing our teachers as guides. We would like to offer a few guidelines to help you when you arrive to your first class:

  1. Arrival: Please arrive at least five minutes early to set up and avoid disruption once class starts. That said, we know life happens and if you're late, we'll welcome you with open arms! If you arrive while another class is still in session, please observe silence as students will likely be in final rest/savasana.

  2. Personal Items: Please remove your shoes and leave your belongings in the cubbies in the lobby as way to keep the studio space tidy.

  3. Cell Phones: Please silence your phone and leave it in the lobby to avoid distraction during practice.

  4. Children: We love kids! We hope to offer Kids' Yoga and Parent/Child classes again someday soon as a way to get the youngest yogis excited about a lifetime practice. All other classes are 1 5 and older only as a way to respect the fact that yoga is often an escape for parents who spend their day with children, and because children's behavior can be unpredictable and can occasionally cause disruption to the class. While one day we would love to offer childcare during our other classes, we kindly ask that you do so independently until such a day. Leaving your children in the lobby is also not permitted as safety is a concern and other businesses use the lobby. Thank you for understanding.